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by A Cold Spark

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couple demo tracks off of an upcoming release :P


released February 18, 2017



all rights reserved


A Cold Spark New York

just some kid

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Track Name: Warmth
the world’s glad i’m alive
to be a wanted body
would you tell me i’m matchless
and the others were never here?
so i mean a lot to the world
the world is glad i’m alive

i hung off the edge of your body
you put my head in your hands

and now things i do with my own hands
are empty there’s no after where
you breath onto me
no endless minutes of feeling together
endocrines only and no magic it’s nothing
the same as your body

laying down in warmth
close to the font of life
it is safe to be part of someone
there’s no need to speak
just to hold you is a home

i hung off the edge of your body
you put my head in your hands
deep unspoken consolation “it will be alright”
said in touch, to soft and gentle kindness; what i wanted to be

only holy and good
you are a perfect self in bed
you can kill my mistakes and your bad parts
and our problems with warmth

i’ll let you push through my no
take my weakness and make it yours
i’ll fall into you and it’s a trick
to thinking this was never hard

and changing doesn’t matter.
even hell can feel like warmth
can i hide inside your mouth, sleep easy, not worry?
thank you
Track Name: No Name
when i was a kid, i was sunny and thoughtless
guess it isn’t really news when so was everyone
now these college kids, are all talking about majors
while i’m trying to do the math to see if i’m a piece of shit

for driving a car, or picking wild flowers
but instead of speaking up i’m in my phone again
i’m stuck in the bathroom, looking for my old friends
i should probably just get drunk and be a kid again

i’ve so much to say, you could sell books of my brain
and i am standing by myself
and you are with somebody else, and i’m in the background
it feels like a cliff but the rocks do not exist
instead i'm standing by myself
and they are with somebody else, in the background 

it’s fine i’ll make up some excuse and then go home

even if i could start, i’d still end up like zooey
two minutes and he’s done with you or won’t shut up
i want someone to be uninhibited with
are they so hard to find or am i just an asshole

with textbook f.o.m.o. who’s closed off
to people who would understand
if i get out of my head
i might have some goddamn fun

i'd love to see franny when she’s up on stage
but i am standing by myself
and you are with somebody else, and i’m in the background
and if we meet, we would only speak our minds
instead i'm standing by myself
and she is up there on the shelf, in the background
it’s no big deal i’ll just get up and go outside

you need friends to help you move, you need friends to jump your car
you need friends to not do drugs (or do them), you need friends to look at stars
friends will buy you clothes, friends will play smash bros with you
friends will like your tweets, friends will help you meet someone new
friends will lie for you, friends see your weird play
friends call you on your shit, friends ask you to stay
friends will hook you up, friends will show you bands
friends will kick your ass, friends will hold your hand